Service Master

Self PropelledService Master is a self-supported service vessel capable of hosting service crews onboard for an extended time period. The Service Master makes it possible to perform service and maintenance easily on medium and large wind farms. The vessel build and self-support allow service on many turbines located far from shore on both current- and future-size wind turbines.

The Service Master is designed with the LOGIMA signature: outriggers with a light cargo deck. It provides an optimised deck area and allows a large payload compared to industry standards. Other features of the Service Master are:

  • ability to host 75+ service personnel
  • enough space to host CTC vessels or other crew vessels on deck in bad weather
  • smaller hull but with a large deck for current and future-size wind turbines
  • capable of 2,5 m Hs
  • hull size matching Siemens and Vestas industry standards
  • better and more cost efficient operating economy

The vessel’s cranes and lifting heights have been selected with the next generation of multi-MW turbines in mind. As with other vessels, we aim to make them future-proof, cost effective and high-performing.