Service Jack-upLOGIMA is dedicated to finding new and innovative solutions for both the installation and servicing of offshore wind farms. Our experience and innovative mindset enables us to:

  • reduce installation and / or service costs,
  • improve productivity and utilise production capacity or
  • refine existing methods of installation.

We help to define the technical boundaries and create solutions that draw on our extensive industry experience and know-how. When the offshore wind industry is searching for new ways to make offshore installations become more efficient and economical, LOGIMA holds a number of new installation concepts to help achieve substantial cost savings. The solutions offered by LOGIMA cover traditional turbines and foundations as well as our hybrid installation concept, PLACE AND PLUG®

O&M Service Concept

O&M Service

Servicing offshore wind farms is a complex business and can be costly. Picking the right fleet and crew is key in order to service the farm and keep the costs at bay.

LOGIMA has designed the fleet setup that allows for a cost effective and time-efficient setup when servicing the park. The setup has been developed in collaboration with leading industry players.

Read more about how an effective and efficient service check can be carried out with LOGIMAs O&M Service Concept.



Settling jackets at the sea bed is costly and at LOGIMA we like to think that it should be as easy as PLACE AND PLUG®

We have developed a method that is less costly, more efficient and allows to a quick way to get a wind turbine in place.

We make installation of wind turbines offshore easier when it comes to costs, time and logistics.