Service Jack-Up

Service Jack-upThe service jack-up barge is a simple and non-propelled barge designed to service current turbines and next generation multi-MW turbines. The idea of the barge is to have the the most cost efficient barge solution enabled to perform the required servicing.

The design for the service jack-up was based on a customer request for a specific wind farm and was designed to serve the technical crew on the barge during the day time.

Even with the low cost of this vessel, the design has not been compromised. Features available on today’s barges are fully incorporated on the service jack-up barge. The barge features include:

  • layout support for current and future-size wind turbines
  • a barge size and layout supporting a dismantling of a complete offshore wind turbine and all parts
  • the vessel is optimised for operating crew only
  • deck-layout optimised for maneuverability and placement of parts
  • crane placement around jack-up-leg to maximise lift capacity and -radius
  • flying deck for storage rack for large turbine blades (also future-size)
  • lightweight construction that makes it easier to tow and manoeuvre inside the wind farm (recommended CTC vessels)

Even with the cost in mind, several features on the barge bares witness to the attention to detail which will make operating the barge very efficient and easy for the crew.