Maritime Logistics for the world

Maritime Logistics is LOGIMA’s key focus. We consult, develop and support offshore operations with knowledge and experience that is second to none.

Our solutions, approach and skills in handling logistics in offshore turbine installation, vessel design and safety is performed with operational excellence in mind and customer satisfaction as a result. We aim to raise the bar for offshore operations and logistics.


LOGIMA provides consulting on vessel design development and project management, installation method improvement and installation concept innovation. Read more about our consulting services here. 

Vessel Design

LOGIMA creates custom designs for wind turbine service and installation vessels. 50 years’ of industry experience ensures safe design, crew safety, high performance and operational endurance. We raise the bar for the industry.


Our solutions comprise our PLACE AND PLUG® method for offshore wind turbine installation, unique and innovative installation concepts and vessels for installing medium and large wind farms. Our aim is to set the standard for offshore logistics in our industry.