Wind Master XL

Wind Master XL (WMXL) is a novel and innovative off-shore wind installation vessel, which will help reduce the cost of energy for off-shore wind further.

Off-shore barge feeder system: The WMXL’s barge feeder solution delivers significant cost savings by limiting the need for marshalling harbors and storage, reducing the time from delivery to production and significantly increasing the actual time of installation, as the vessel can stay on site at all times (ie. no time lost from going back and forth to the marshalling harbor). The off-shore barge feeder system further allows for a flexible installation process in order to optimize the pre-completion revenues and the possibility to swiftly shift between foundation and top-side installation, if issues in the supply chain should occur.

Reduces risk of damages to the equipment: By ensuring direct delivery from the suppliers to the site, the WMXL not only reduces the time from delivery to production, but also reduces the risk of damages to the equipment through fewer lifts.

Install when you are ready: Compared to the existing off-shore wind turbine installation vessels available in the market, the Wind Master XL is designed to raise the working limit within which it can work with regard to both wind (15 m/s) and waves (3 m/hs). This enables the Wind Master XL a very high availability throughout the year and the customer the flexibility to start installation, when the project is ready – and to secure a significant upside from early production through the reduction of weather days.

Lifting and height capacities: With a lifting capacity of up to 2,400 tons (combined lift), a hook height of 190 meters and a very large deck, the Wind Master XL is also ready to handle the future generations of off-shore wind turbines.

Other features: Hotel vessel, walk-to-work, all tools on board, hybrid capabilities and quick Mobilisation-demobilisation only on barges.

The Wind Master XL is in short designed to take off-shore wind to the next level with its ability to contribute with a significant reduction of the Levelized Cost of Energy of off-shore wind.